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About us

Translingo is a specialised team with appropriate qualifications and experience in the field of translation and interpreting. 


Translation and interpreting is our passion and we strive to do our job efficiently and reliably.


Here are some of the types of translations we perform:  

- simultaneous (booth, happening at the same time)

- whispered (interpreter speaks in low voice to an individual or a group of people)

- à vista (interpreter reads out the text in one language and provides its translation in abother)

-  consecutive (interpreter listens to the presenter, takes notes and then interprets the message from the notes)

- de liaison (a sentence after sentence type of interpretation)

We also deal with written translation.


Translingo Robert Piórkowski

Przyjaźni 22/8,

53-030 Wrocław





+48 601 915 016




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Our expertise and skills


Regular translation is a combination of language simplicity and realistic translation deadline. 

Technically it means the text to translate is written in a generic language, not specialized one...


Theoretically consecutive translation should not cause any problem, since it is enough to say the same in another language. 

Practically though, a good consecutive translation is

Sample Expertise